Hi and Welcome to OnlineMoneyBuzz. My name is Derek and I was just like you – searching for legitimate ways to earn money online. That was back in 2008. Now, I am making some decent income online. I’m not an expert at making money online nor do I have Lamborghini parked out in front of an expensive house.

I’m just your average guy trying to supplement my income via online sources. I’ve spent the last 4 years researching and trying out many online money making opportunities and now I am helping others by sharing with them the information that I have gathered on ways to earn legitimate income online.

Ready to learn how you can start making money online? Get ready because I am about to give you information that will have you on your way to generating your very own income from home.

Top Free Ways to Earn Money Online

FREEGet Paid to Complete Online Surveys

FREEGet Paid to Complete Offers

FREEGet Paid to Write

*FREEMake Money Blogging

*FREEMake Money With Google Adsense

*FREEMake Money as an Affiliate Marketer

FREEMake Money Providing a Service or Freelancing

*Method can be done for free although best results are usually made when an investment is made (domain name, hosting, seo)

More Ways to Earn Money Online

There are plenty of other ways to earn an income from home. If you would like to learn about more legitimate opportunities, check out this article ->> 20 Ways to Earn Money From Home

Want a Work From Home Job?

Check out Get Cash For Surveys! Cash for surveys is a legitimate work from home taking surveys program where you can find legitimate work from home jobs. This site will be great for those who have certain skills or want to do something outside of Internet marketing. New surveys in many different areas of interest posted and updated regularly.

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