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Blogging has become very popular over the recent years. It has also opened up a way for people to earn money. Now, you can make money blogging. How? Well there are different ways to make money from blogging. I will list a few ways below to give you a general idea.

Sponsored Posts - If you have a blog with decent blog traffic, you can join one of the paid to blog websites and submit your site to be approved. Once you approved, you can publish sponsored posts on your blog and get paid for them. The advertiser pays you to publish a post to your blog that promotes them. There’s more to it which I will be getting into in future posts but this is a general idea of how it works.

Affiliate Marketing – You can use a blog to market services and products to people and earn commissions. There is a lot more to it and it takes a lot of work but it can be very profitable. This I will discuss as well.

Pay Per Click Advertising- You can serve advertisements on your blog and earn a certain amount of money per ad click. One of the best pay per click programs is Adsense and a lot of people use it on their blogs to make a good chuck of change online.

Selling Ad Space – If you have a blog with decent traffic, you could sell ad space on your blog. Someone that has a site, service, or product may be interested in buying the ad space to generate leads or traffic for them.

Blog Flipping – This involves creating a blog that gets a decent amount of traffic and also generates monthly revenue. Once the blog if full of quality content, getting decent traffic, and generating monthly revenue, you can sell it for some nice cash. So, basically you would build a profitable blog and then sell it. This is usually referred to site flipping but you can do it with a blog as long as you can transfer all rights and everything over to the buyer.

So there you have a few ways to make money blogging. There are more ways which I will talk about later so be sure to check back.

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