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Project Payday is a program that shows people how to make money online. I joined the program about 2 years ago to see if it really worked and here is my updated Project Payday review.

First of all, it works. The methods that Project Payday teaches will earn you some money and very quickly at that. After reading over the material Project Payday offers, I started to do what they said and a few minutes after starting, I had $15 in my Paypal account.

It was too easy. I quickly started earning $15 here, $20 there, $40 here, and it kept adding up. Here is the actual first payment I got when I first joined Project Payday. Keep in mind that it was back in 2008. I finally had the time to dig it up. Also, actual people send you the money and not Project Payday. You will read more about it in the review.

I did this for around 2 or 3 months straight. It kept money in my Paypal and I loved it. I still do this from time to time when I need a little extra cash in my Paypal account.

So what was I doing? Well, before I get into the specifics, let me address some basic questions about the program that many people have when considering this opportunity.

Is it Free?

It is free to get your information. However, to become a full member, you will have to complete a sponsor offer ($1 or so) or pay the regular price for the membership of $34.95. I personally did the trial since it was the cheaper option.

Who can Join?

Currently it is available to those who reside in the US and CA.

How do you make money with Project Payday?

There are four methods used to make money that Project Payday goes into. I will not go into details about that here. I will say that one of the methods, which I started out with, actually requires that you have a debit or credit card. So you will spend $1 or so but you will profit way more and get paid the same day. The remaining ways are completely free.

How do you get paid?

As far as method 1, you get paid via Paypal. If you don’t have PayPal, it’s free to sign up and you can have one really easily. As far as method 2, you get paid cash via Paypal or you can choose to get prizes such as tvs, video game consoles, laptops, cameras, ipods, and lot more. I didn’t go into method 3 but for method 4, you can get paid through direct deposit or a prepaid card which is loaded weekly.


You can make money fast.

It is legit.

Membership comes with great bonuses.

There is a $100 guarantee. (If you don’t earn $50 after following the Fast First Fifty mentoring program, they will pay you $100)


Not for everyone (those residing in other countries)

Can be time consuming. For the amount of effort you put into for method 2 and the money that is made, it may not always seem to be worth your time.

If not done in the correct manner, you could end up losing money (Only applies to method 1 of the project payday program). However if you are organized and can keep up with offers you do, this won’t happen.

Final Conclusion

Project Payday is a legitimate work from home opportunity. I would recommend this program to those who want to make some extra spending money quickly. However, there are far better methods to earn an actual online income and not simply extra cash. I am taking into consideration the time, effort, and profits you make from Project Payday in method two. You can make way more money spending your time and effort doing something else like affiliate marketing for example.

So if you need extra cash quickly, Project Payday is a good start. If you are trying to earn an income from home, I wouldn’t really recommend it although I have made some good money in method two but as I said before, the time and effort that is involved along with competition makes it a bit of a hassle.

So, there you have my Project Payday Review.

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7 thoughts on “Project Payday Review

  1. You wouldn’t believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Scrolled through 4 pages of Bing results couldn’t find diddly squat. First page of Google. There you are!… Really gotta start using that a lot more than i do, great work.

  2. I started by paying for the sign up to do Pay Day, and noticed when I decided to get off line that someone had gotten into my server….how did this happen? Have I now gotten someone who is going to use my identity or do they (Pay Day) come into your computer in order for you to proceed? I am not making myself very clear, but you get the gist of what I am asking. I am deeply concerned about this.

    Please advise on this.

    Thank you.

    Sarah Corr

    • Hi, Sarah. I am not sure what you are asking. However, I can tell you that Project Payday itself is secure and can’t anyone login into your account who doesn’t have your login credentials. If you are talking about the trial offers, they are mostly considered secure as most of them are reputable companies. If I haven’t addressed your question entirely, feel free to contact me to explain the situation in more detail.

  3. So you were going to provide payment proofs “soon” and the review was written in November of 2010…just saying.

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