Using WordPress For Affiliate Marketing

With the rise of Google and other search engines, many companies have joined up to cash in on the advertising revenue that can be made through blogs and other sites created with WordPress. But the process can seem confusing and daunting to the average consumer. Especially if the average consumer doesn’t know that WordPress is a free tool, and that anyone can use it for affiliate marketing! In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss how to create your own website for affiliate marketing and generate tons of money through advertising revenue!

Quite simply, the only cost for opening a website is the cost of buying a domain and hosting it through various providers. A common host is GoDaddy.Com (one of the largest advertisers of domain hosting) and Hostgator (one of the best hosting companies).

Next is using the easy interface and intuitive menus of WordPress to create an attractive site that will draw lots of visitors. This is the section where one’s interests should shine. If one is interested in bird watching for instance, they should create a blog or page that is specifically designed for bird watchers. An example of content on this type of website would be helpful tips for bird watching, the latest gadgets and gizmos for bird watchers, or locations where hard to find species have been seen.

Now this all can seem fun, but where is the profit? The profit comes in the form of making pages that draw visitors from Google. Thus pages that have keywords built in to them that many people would search for commonly, such as names of celebrities or in the case of the bird watching website, nouns that bird watchers often search for. The more pages that contain that keyword the higher up the website will be displayed on the rankings of the search engine. The higher up on the rankings the more often people will click on ones page. This in turn means higher visitors rates or individual hits.

The last step in this process is to find an advertiser or affiliate that would want to host their ads on your page. If your website is drawing enough continuous viewers through the method shown above then it shouldn’t be a problem to find advertisers. The more advertisers on ones page, the more profit. However a problem lies if one’s page becomes overloaded with ads and content then this may drive people away from a site. A healthy balance between content and ads must be struck.

If all these steps are followed, then one is certain to start making money through wordpress and marketing. This process is easy to use and definitely fun for the average user, and can generate a lot of revenue!

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