33 Ways to Earn Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online. Today, I will list some ideas and methods that you can use to earn income from home. Some of these methods I have personally tried and had success with. The others are legit as well and work but I haven’t personally tried all of them although I have done some research about them.

In any case, I wanted to write this post to inform you all of the many legitimate ways to earn money online. So here is the list in no particular order and a brief description. Keep in mind that some methods are broad in terms of how you could generate the money.

1. Sponsored Reviews – Get paid to review products/websites/services on your website or blog.

2. Home Business – Start your own home business

3. Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs – Make money displaying relevant ads on your site (An example would be Adsense)

4. Write Articles – Get paid to write articles (You can submit articles to the many paid to write websites, do freelance writing, offer your writing services to people online via webmaster forums and more..)

5. Sell Your Merchandise – Sell some of your merchandise on Ebay, Craigslist, and the list goes on…

6. Complete Online Surveys – Get paid to complete surveys or participate in focus groups.

7. View Ads – Get paid to view ads. Known as PTC sites (Usually .01-.03 per ad you view at 15-30 sec. each)

8. Read Emails – Same concept as viewing ads but this time you will be reading emails.

9. Post on Forums – Get paid to post on forums (Some forums will pay you for posts you make)

10. Social Networking – Get paid to do the things you would usually do on Myspace or Facebook.

11. Gpt Sites- You get paid to fill out surveys and email submits (for example, those ads you see “JcPenny’s or Macy’s get a $1000 giftcard)

12. Create Ebooks – Create an ebook about something and sell it

13. Create a Product – Create a product and sell it

14. Freebie Trading – Sign up to incentivized freebie websites and complete trial offers for cash and prizes

15. Write a Report – Write a special report about something you know a lot about and sell it to people you think will buy that information.

16. Promote other people’s products – If you don’t have your own product, promote someones elses product and earn commissions. A.K.A affiliate marketing

17. Sell Advertising – Sell ad space on your high PR traffic site whether its banner space or text links

18. Website Builder – Create websites for people

19. Offer a service – Are you good at SEO or have a special skill? Get paid for it.

20. Flip websites – Create a decent (profitable) website and sell it for profit

21. Data Entry – Get paid to type, entering data into a computerized database.

22. Get paid to Search – We all search for something, get paid to do it (Swagbucks)

23. Twitter – Everyone knows you can make money with twitter

24. Create Blog/Website Themes – Get paid to create themes or templates for websites or blogs.

25. Link Builder – Get paid to build links for people. (Blog commenting, web 2.0 creation, article submission, and so on)

26. Sell Avon – This one is a no brainer. You can do this online as well.

27. Design – For the creative minds, design logos, banners, websites, etc for companies or websites and get paid for it.

28. Contests – Go around and look for contests you can participate in, either from a blog or forum, you may end up winning some cash.

29. Blogging – The opportunities to earn from a blog is huge. (Sponsored reviews, pay per click, affiliate marketing, advertising, and more)

30. Build a blog network – Buy a bunch of blogs with high page rank that have different IP’s and charge people to post articles or links within your network of blogs.

31. Sell Photos – If you are good at taking photos, you can sell your photos online as stock photos and get paid

32. Post Gigs – Ever heard of Fiverr where you list things you would do for $5? You can post some gigs or things that you can do at certain websites and make money that way. More sites like Fiverr are popping up and it isn’t just limited to $5 gigs now.

33. Freelancing – This is a very common way to earn money online. Just be a freelancer. If you can write, design, program, do seo, or other related tasks that are needed on freelance websites, you could make some money.

Now you have a list of 33 ways to earn money online. If you want to learn more about any of these methods, make a comment and tell me which one you would like me to make a detailed post about. I have written about some of these already though.

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6 thoughts on “33 Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. I have tried only a few of these. Will try other ways to make money online too. This page alone has ample stuff to keep reading for few days and experiment for even a longer time!

  2. I love your ideas! They are all great, and everyone will have a few from that list that work for them. I do, and I’m also working on a few others. How many of these do you actually use? You seem to dip your toes into quite a few pools, it’s impressive

  3. Wow this is a pretty big and comprehensive list. If people are still having problems finding ways to make money online after reading this post, they had better check themselves first. Great read and nice looking blog!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Great Ideas! I am always in search of more ways to make money online. Right now I am only making extra money from completing online surveys. I’ve been doing them for about four months now and have made over $300 so far. If anyone wants to read my reviews or see my payment proof feel free to check out my blog.

    • hi, marlene.. i am trying to make oney online, and have looked into doing surveys, but i never qualify to do the surveys.. how do you make money doing surveys if you never qualify. which survey co.”s pay cash?, or are good?

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