7 Really Good Affiliate Networks & Programs You Can Join To Make Money

Today I decided to compile a list of affiliate networks and programs you can use to help you make money online. All of these programs are free to join and reputable. Some may require that you submit an application to be accepted but I will give you some pointers towards the end of this post to help you get into these programs.  So, here are 7 really good affiliate networks and programs that you can join to start making money with.

Clickbank – Clickbank is an affiliate network that has a huge marketplace of digital products that you can promote to start earning money. It is one of the easiest affiliate networks to deal with. As soon as you join, you can start promoting products and earn commissions. There is no application and anyone can join.

If you don’t have a website, it is not a problem. There are many other ways you can market Clickbank products. You would just need to have some knowledge of the many different affiliate marketing techniques. Clickbank makes this list because it is reputable, popular, and really simple to get started with. Some people have signed up and made sales the same day.

Adsense - Adsense is a pay-per-click advertising program by Google that allows users to publish ads on their website. For this specific affiliate program, you will need a website. You will also need to submit this website upon signing up for the program so they can review the information and determine whether you are approved or not.

You don’t need a mainstream website. A simple blog or website that gets decent traffic and has quality content will usually do. You will need to make sure that you read their terms and conditions so that you understand fully how the program works. Adsense makes this list because they are one of best pay-per-click programs, they are reputable, and it is pretty easy to get some income generated through Google Adsense.

You can check out this post to learn more – How to Make Money With Google Adsense

Amazon – Amazon has an affiliate program where people can join and promote their physical products. You start earning a small percentage of product sales generated through your affiliate links. This percentage increases as you sell more products. The earning potential at first glance may seem small which can be the case but you can really earn a good income online promoting Amazon products, especially big ticket items.

In any case, this affiliate program is free to join and it’s easy to get started. Registration is simple as well as you just have to fill out some information. The affiliate program is not available for those residing in North Carolina, Colorado, or Rhode Island but it is for just about every one else. Amazon makes the list because it is reputable, has many products to choose from, and there is a good income earning potential since physical products are a bit easier to sale than digital products.

Commission Junction – Commission Junction is a huge affiliate network that users can join and earn money promoting affiliate offers. You can get paid per lead or per sale depending on the affiliate program you choose to sign up with through the affiliate network. Many well known companies with affiliate programs are in this top affiliate network. There are many good affiliate programs in different niches within this network which makes it pretty easy to find programs to join that best suite your website. The income potential with Commission Junction is really good as long as you go about it the right way. The site is very reputable and well known throughout the IM industry.

However, getting into this affiliate network will require you to have a website that they will approve. You may also need some knowledge of IM because you may need to persuade them that you really want to get into the program and generate some commissions. You will get what I am saying by the end. Also once in, you have to wait to get approved for some affiliate programs which can take some time. Some will approve you and some may decline your application into that specific program. It is not as easy to deal with as the others but once you know how it works and have what they are looking for, in terms of your website, it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Max Bounty – Max Bounty is a CPA network. CPA stands for cost per action which means you get paid a certain amount per action performed (email submits, successful registrations, trial sign ups, and so on). Usually, it is a lot easier to promote CPA offers than most other affiliate offers. This specific network is pretty easy to get into if you have a good website. You will find a good variety of CPA offers to promote as well. Max Bounty has been around for a while and has proven to be reputable. This network makes the list because it is one of the top CPA networks, it’s reputable, and the earning potential is really good especially if your site(s) get a lot of traffic.

CPALead – CPA lead is another CPA network. It really focuses on surveys but has other CPA offers. Its one of the most popular CPA networks. Free to join and fairly simple to get in. It’s also reputable. I really won’t go into this one much as my experience with them is very minimal but I will say it presents a good earning potential if you take the time to understand how it works and really come up with a good marketing plan.

Market Health – One of the most profitable niches is the health niche. If you have a site in the health niche or plan on getting into the health niche, Market Health has some of the best health related offers that you can promote and earn commissions. This site is fairly easy to get into, has a nice variety of health offers, reputable, and has a really good earning potential especially since its in the health niche. This site features mostly health related trial offers but the earnings you can make from generating successful trial sign ups is very nice. One trial sign up could generate $40 for you.

This post became really long so I will conclude with my pointers regarding getting into these networks. When signing up to huge affiliate networks or CPA networks such as the last four sites I mentioned, make sure you have a decent website with good traffic before you apply. There is a good chance that they may decline you based soley on your website. It is a good idea to call these networks up after registering and speak with an affiliate manager about your application and persuade them that you are really interested in becoming an affiliate. You need to show them that you have good knowledge of affiliate marketing and that you can drive traffic to get them leads. If you make money, they make money as well.

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    • CPALead is good and for the health blog, I would recommend Market Health. Work on driving targeted traffic to your sites and you could do good with both if you choose the right offers.

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