How to Earn $20 Online Today

Some people just want to make a few bucks pretty quick. That’s why I am providing you with a few ways to earn $20 online today. Most of the methods are guaranteed but it all depends on your will to earn the money. So, here are some of the ways to earn $20 via the Internet.

1. Project Payday: Sign up to Project Payday. It is free to get started and you will definitely make $20 and get paid the same day. I have went through this same process and made more than $20 the same day. I had the money in my Paypal account and since I had the Paypal debit card, I was able to withdraw my fund and spend it. You can read more about Project Payday and how it works by reading my Project Payday Review.

2. Associated Content: Run over to Associated Content and start publishing articles. You will get paid $3-$20 per article you write if it is unique. They will have articles they are looking for and if you submit an article they are interested in, they will usually pay on the higher end. Write around 4 good articles and request upfront payment that way you can be paid for the article when they approve it. It usually takes 1 week for them to approve your article but at least you know the payment is coming and it took only 1 day to make it. I have been paid by them so it is legit.

4. Digital Point Forums: This may sound unusual but there are opportunities to earn money by visiting Digital Point Forums Marketplace. There are people willing to pay you for posting on their new forums, doing small sign ups, and writing articles for them. You can also sell products or market a service. The forum has a lot of members, and I am sure you can earn $20 just by writing some articles or doing tasks that people are looking for others to do.

5. Sell Your Items Online: You knew it was coming. Got something laying around the house that you dont need? You can turn it into a quick sell. Selling your items on Ebay is a quick way to earn some extra cash. You don’t have to limit yourself to Ebay. You can also try sites like Craigslist or Backpage which allow you to post ads selling your items. You should have something worth $20 laying around that you can sell.

6. Completing Online Surveys: If you can sign up to three of the top free survey sites, you can earn $20 online today. You can refer to my guide on How to Make Money With Online Surveys. I have made over $20 in one day using this method myself but I had a little boost from Survey Scout. They give you over 500 free survey companies that will pay you for your opinion. It’s well worth the membership fee. You can read about that if you check the guide.

Now you have 6 different ways to earn $20 online today. Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you will finish today with 20 extra dollars in your Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can get one free by going to You will need one for a majority of these methods.

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