How to Start a Money Making Blog – Part 1

If you want to make money blogging and you are pretty new to this concept, I am creating a mini part series on how you can start your own money making blog, specifically niche blogs.  I have some experience with building blogs that make money so I would like to share my thoughts on how you should build your own blog to make some money. Part 1 one of this series is about finding a topic for your blog or finding niche ideas.

Determine what you want your blog to be about.

The first step in building a money making blog is to choose a niche you can build your blog around.  For example, if you are passionate about dogs, you could build your blog around a topic relating to dogs (dog training, dog houses, dog behavior, etc). You also want to make sure that the topic is profitable. Can you make money writing about this topic. For the example above, the niche is very profitable and there are lots of methods you can use to make money in this niche (Joining an affiliate program related to dogs, serving ads related to dogs, building your own dog product or report if you know a lot about the topic, and so on).

Let’s Break It Down…

Choosing the topic “niche” of your blog

This is going to be a very important starting point. You need to choose your niche carefully because there are some niches that aren’t so profitable and some that are. A good tip is to choose from evergreen niches as a starting point. These are niches that will always be profitable. Some examples of evergreen niches include Health, Love, and Wealth.

Why are these good niches to get into? There are buyers in each of these niches. There are many problems that people have in these niches and if you can provide them with a solution or lead them to their best solution, you could profit from it. Here are some examples in each niche to give you an idea of what you can write about on your blog.

Health Niche

People suffering from panic attacks. You can write a blog that contains tips to help those suffering from panic attacks.

Love Niche

People who want to get their ex back. You could build a blog that contains advice on how to get an ex back.

Wealth Niche

People in debt. You could build a blog that contains advice on how to get out of debt.

You would have a very easy time monetizing your blog because there are many affiliate programs you could join in each of these niches that will allow you to make money from the traffic your blog would get. Other niches that are pretty good include pets, family/parenting, and gaming to name a few.

Keep in mind that you need to narrow your topic down into a sub niche. So if you wanted to get into the health niche, you could focus on a health related topic like blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart burn, etc. These niches are pretty competitive but I won’t get into this right now as that is for another part of this series.

So, you need to choose a niche for your blog. Once you find a niche you want to get into, you need to try to narrow it down a bit as you don’t want a broad niche when you are starting off. Here are a few ideas to help you find niches. Make sure that their is a problem that needs solved in this niche and that there are potential buyers.

Write down some topics you are passionate about.

Write down some topics you are interested in.

Read a few magazines and see what are some of the hot topics. (Online or Offline)

Visit some shopping websites like Amazon, Ebay, and and check out the best sellers. See what people are buying. (This is mainly if you will be building a blog that will include products within the niche) You can use Amazon to get niche ideas by looking at the best selling books and see what topics they are about.

Think about your situation. Is there a problem you have that you would like a solution to? Is there a hobby you like? Does your family have any problems? All of these can help lead you to a good niche idea.

Once you have a few good niche ideas, you can continue with the next step. Part 2 of this series will go into market research and keyword research which is probably the most important part of building a money making blog.

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3 thoughts on “How to Start a Money Making Blog – Part 1

  1. I am living in a Dutch speaking surrounding and have a site about ebooks.
    Can I implement both languages (Dutch and Englisch) on one WordPress Blog, or do I have to split it in 2 blogs?

    Thx, I like your content and can use some of your ideas.

    Ruud Tax

  2. I myself like to look at my blog as the “headquarters” of my entire online business operation. A blog is something that is pretty malleable as far as what it can be used for!

    Where many newcomers get lost is the fact that they don’t treat their internet activities as business but as a easy/quick way to get out of working a day job… totally not the truth!

    Good post, I enjoyed the read and it will definitely help those interested in starting an online business.

    -Christopher Scott

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