Make Money with an Unique Website Design Service

If you have the knowledge of web designing or programming you can make money easily by providing web design service to people who doesn’t know how to build a website.  Most people will ask for brochure website when buying, and the problem with this is that many web designers can provide this. So if you do the same you will end up competing on the price alone. However, if you provide an unique web design service like designing lead capturing website then you will make yourself stand out from the crow instantly.

The quickest way to get started to build ten to twenty lead capturing sites. These are simple sites with just one page and doesn’t contain much content, so you should be able to get them done within one week. You might also want to offer your service for free, but only to the people who has a business and you think they will use you again. This is a great to earn some money and build up your portfolio at the same time.  You see, if you specialize in this area people will perceive you as the expert, plus you will have much less competitions.

Don’t think that you will get less people because you’ve narrowed the market. In fact, if you do it right you will see the opposite. Remember, it’s better to be the king in a small town than to be solider in a country. May be you should read some forums and see what people are looking for. I mean this is just one idea that you can use your web design skill differently. Surely there are many other ways; you just need to open your eyes and ears a bit more. Sometimes, the best idea is so simple that most people will think it will never work. Do you know what I’m talking about? Of course, you will still need the right skills and resources to make a good idea work, but first you would have to spot and believe in it. So start looking because you never know when you will discover the next big idea!

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