My Fiverr Review – Payment Proof Included

There is probably a good chance that you have heard of Fiverr before especially if you are already in the online money making industry. If not, I am about to tell you about it and my personal experience with the program which will be my Fiverr Review.

First of all, Fiverr is a site where you can sign up for free and post $5 gigs. You can either offer gigs or buy them. Since we are talking about making money, we obviously want to know how to make money with Fiverr by offering gigs. So I will explain the basics of it.

First you create a gig. The gig can be whatever you want to offer for $5. Well not exactly anything but they will approve the gig or deny it which doesn’t take long at all. Once your gig is live, people can view it. If they like what you have to offer, they will order the gig. All that is left is to deliver on your end.

Once a gig is delivered and completed, it is in the clearing mode. It takes 14 days for the payment to clear. Once cleared, you can withdraw the funds or just wait until you reach a desired amount before you withdraw. Payments are sent via Paypal. Fiverr takes $1 as a fee so you end up with $4. After Paypal fees, your final payment is around $3.92. So, really you are getting paid $3.92 for your gigs. Here is a screenshot of one my payments I got from Fiverr.

That is basically how Fiverr works in regards to making money. You post things or “gigs” that you would do for $5. When anyone orders your gig and you complete the gig, you get paid. It is as simple as that. Now let me outline the pros and cons.


It is legitimate – You do get paid

Anyone Can Join – People from all over the world can join

It’s Free – There is no cost involved on your part

Fiverr Makes Improvements – They are adding new things to make things easier for people who offer gigs. More options to increase exposure and extras like being able to ship out items.


You are only limited to $5 Gigs

You really only get paid $3.92 for $5 worth of work

The message system doesn’t always work like it supposed to (I’ve had problems with contacting people and others receiving my messages. It just hangs sometimes.)

It’s Competitive – More and more people are joining which brings more competition.

My Fiverr Review Final Conclusion

I think Fiverr is a great way to earn some extra money if you are low on Paypal funds. However, I would not see this as an opportunity that will replace a day job. It’s great for extra cash but the earning potential is not high unless you have a good plan to make money with Fiverr. This may mean offering something that beats the competition (Offering more, of high quality, and so on).

I would not personally try to beat the competition there by offering something that is way more than $5. You can make a lot more elsewhere. In other words, you can get paid for what your service is actually worth rather than just settling for $5 or $3.92.

I have personally made $16 there and have $4 currently clearing. I left the gigs I offered active just to see how it plays out over time. However, I am now more of a buyer than than a seller. You can really find some good gigs there which are hard to pass up. In any case, this concludes my Fiverr Review. If you would like to sign up and check it out, you do so by visiting the site –> Fiverr

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18 thoughts on “My Fiverr Review – Payment Proof Included

  1. Fiverr is stupid in many ways. For example they Decide randomly that your gigs might be similar to one another (even if not identical) an after months of you having the gigs they just randomly remove it. You don;t even notice this for days. Just morons.

    • Yes, the Fiverr support can be idiots. You need to be careful with them. Ratings mean nothing to them. They are stupid.

  2. My brother didn’t believe this site was genuine and gave you money! I made $88 and he couldn’t believe his eyes! Priceless.

  3. Fiverr is a great site, althought you’re definately right when you say that competition is fierce with the number of people joining each day and offering virtually the same gig. I think it’s important to offer a bonus that your competitors aren’t in order to get ahead :)

  4. I totally agree that fiverr could not be the main source of income for most people but if they want to get some extra pocket money for school, and just to have the experience of earning their own money, Fiverr is not a bad place to start. One just have to be super creative to promote their service or know what kind of service people are looking for.

  5. I’m a Fiverr buyer, and I love it. I just go to the same guy every time because he does an awesome job helping me with web programming.

    I actually use it for work, but only because I’ve used it a few times now. Read about my experience…

  6. I’ve been offering gigs on Fiverr. After Fiverr takes their $1 and papal takes their cut, I can see I’m not getting paid nearly enough for my backlinking services. It’s too bad Fiverr doesn’t have a $10 gig option.

  7. Nice review! One point about the PayPal fees though: their fees max out at $50 payments. So as long as you withdraw more than $50 when you request your Fiverr money, you’ll save a few cents on anything past $50. In terms of gigs, you’d need to be cashing in on 14 or more to start saving.

  8. This sounds interesting. What do you mean by “gig”? Can it be anything? I did see that you mentioned they only accept certain “gigs”, but I’m a assuming by “gig” you mean like a show or something. Anyways, sounds neat :)

    • “Gig” is like anything you can do or provide. Here are how some of the gigs go that I have seen. Creating videos, providing product reviews, writing articles, shipping out handmade crafts, offering advice, building backlinks, getting facebook followers, and the big list goes on. There’s a lot cool things you can do on there. Just take a look at some of the gigs on the front page.

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