The Secret to Making Money With Squidoo

Think of Squidoo as a tool that allows you to create small single-page websites that are tightly focused around a single topic. These websites are called Squidoo Lenses and if you’re thinking about making money with Squidoo you need to create Lenses that are profitable!

Frankly speaking there are two main ways to go about making money with Squidoo.

Being a ‘co-op’ website, Squidoo shares the revenue that it earns from advertisements with publishers who are creating Lenses (such as you!). While the exact formula it uses is unknown, it is safe to say that if you have a highly popular Lens that receives a ton of traffic and ranks highly – you can expect to get a good share!

On top of that, many internet marketers go a step further and go about making money with Squidoo through a second method: Promotion of products and offers.

By using Squidoo Lenses as a platform, marketers have found that they can promote various affiliate products and CPA offers that are related to the topics of their Squidoo Lenses. Of course this takes some experience to pull off but if you’re looking for easy access to affiliate products and offers – check out these 7 Really Good Affiliate Networks & Programs!

While these are your monetization options and they will definitely be crucial to making money with Squidoo, the true test will be the amount of traffic you’re able to drive to your Lenses.

Generally speaking, search engines love Squidoo Lenses so if you target the right keywords and build a few backlinks to your Lenses – they should rank pretty well. Of course you can also pursue other methods of traffic generation such as article marketing, video marketing, and even using blogs and forums to promote your Lenses.

As you can see, although there are two main ways to go about making money with Squidoo – you still have lots of options to consider. Be sure to take them into account, and create Squidoo Lenses that rank high!

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