How Teens Can Make Money Online

Do you know how teens can make money online? Nowadays, teenagers are beginning to realize that they don’t need to just rely on the allowance that their parents supply them with, and are waking up to some tremendously easy ways to earn some extra cash online.

Some teenagers have even created formidable online businesses based on these methods.

If you’re looking to find out exactly how teens can make money online in their free time, here’s a few of the more popular ways that some already do:

Paid Surveys

One of the easiest ways for teens to make some extra cash here and there is to participate in paid surveys. All they would have to do is give their opinion on different services, products, shopping habits, and the list goes on.

These companies are happy to get feedback from teenagers and there are even some that are specifically targeted towards teens. The best thing about it is that is free. All that is required is a little bit of time to actually take the surveys.

Teens can easily make some extra free cash in their spare time and they don’t have to be grown to do so. A lot of the survey sites accepts members 13 and older.

Generally it isn’t too hard to find such surveys but you have to make sure that whichever paid survey sites you do find is legitimate.

You can check out this list of legitimate online surveys sites that pay!


Let’s face it, teenagers nowadays are no strangers to blogging, and most of them probably already blog or have tried it out at some point or another. Considering that many websites offer free blogs (such as Blogger) it isn’t going to cost a cent to get started.

After that, it’s just a small step from casual blogging to learning about how teens can make money online by monetizing their blogs. By enabling advertisements using Google AdSense, or even advertising eBay listings – teens can earn quite a decent income using their blogs.

Check this article out for more ideas: 10 Different Ways to Make Money From a Blog

Writing Content

For teens that have a passion for writing, creating content and publishing or selling it is a great way to make money.  Websites such as Helium and Associated Content will allow you to earn shared revenue based on the traffic and advertisements your content draws in.

Associated Content even pays an upfront fee per contribution.

Get Paid To

Some teens prefer to get paid for a variety of different tasks, instead of just committing to a single area – and that’s where ‘Get Paid To…’ websites come in. As you’ll find there are tons of these sites where you can find ways of getting paid to write, read, post, complete offers, answer questions, drive, play games, stuff envelopes, and much more.

In short – there’s normally something for everybody at ‘Get Paid To…’ websites. I will have some detailed articles about each of these coming soon. Until then, you can check out one of the most popular ways teens make money online for free – Getting Paid to Complete Offers.

As you can see, this list of how teens can make money online really does have a lot of potential.

But as far as most teenagers are concerned, the main reason why these jobs are so desirable is that they’re flexible, quick, and don’t require them to spend all their free time working! Of course, no teen is going to object to having some extra cash to spend either!

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5 thoughts on “How Teens Can Make Money Online

  1. I’m student freelancer who work on writing freelancing projects and also sell small services in 3to30. I like this article very much. Thank you for it. I’m going to use some of these techniques to earn money online.

  2. @Syed – If you have questions or need some further guidance, feel free to use the contact me tab and leave me a message. It would be helpful if you explained a little about your situation as well so I can help you to the best of my ability.

  3. Dear Sir\Mam
    I am a stuydind guy and also hardworking i di job in a company but i want to make extra income please help me

  4. If teens want to make some extra cash quickly then they should looking to working with gpt and online paid survey sites first. Blogging and content writing sites are definitely going to take a little more time and effort.

  5. Hey there, nice article, I especially like the part about blogging and content writing, because you are not only expressing yourself, but you are branding yourself and if you so happen to have a website/online business, you take these two things and tie them into your social networking campaign and you’ll go far. It might not even seem it at first but eventually, the long-term residual profits will soar. So good luck learning to fly!

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