The Keys to Making The Most Money With Paid Surveys

A lot of people who start making money online through paid surveys find that it is indeed a great way to make some extra free cash online. However, one of the things I hear most often is that they are not making as much as they thought they would or would like to make.

I will say that completing these paid surveys won’t make you rich but you can make a decent sum of money if you go about it the right way and I am not talking about just making $20 or $50 bucks a month. I’m talking about making hundreds of dollars a month.

So what are the keys to making $100+ a month with paid surveys?

Quantity – In order to make money with paid surveys, you need to sign up to as many legitimate paid surveys as you can handle. Let’s face it, not all surveys sites send out invitations regularly and sometimes when you get them, you don’t always qualify for them.

By signing up to many different sites, you will be able to get more survey invitations and a higher chancing of qualifying for them.

Completed Profiles – During registration or after you sign up to a paid survey site, you will be asked to fill out some information about yourself like work field, age, household information, shopping habits, etc.

They ask for this information for a reason. This information is used to help find surveys you may end up qualifying for. If your profile is incomplete, you may qualify for less surveys. So, be sure to fill out your profile information and provide all the information they ask for.

Consistency – In order to make a decent income with paid surveys, you need to be consistent. Check your emailsĀ  for survey invitations every day or whenever you have some time and complete surveys on a consistent basis. The money may seem small per survey at first but it adds up the more you do.

Sometimes, you get more surveys to do if you show that you can consistently complete the surveys that you are invited to do.

Referrals – Some paid survey sites have referral programs where you can refer other members to the site and earn money for referring them. Check to see if the survey site you are a member of has a refferal program and if they do, get your unique referral link and start referring others to the site.

This is a great way to increase your earnings. I will be writing up a detailed post later on how to get referrals for gpt, ptc, and paid survey sites.

So, if you are not making that much money with paid surveys, try the above tips and see how much more money you will be making.

My favorite survey payout company? MySurvey!

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3 thoughts on “The Keys to Making The Most Money With Paid Surveys

  1. Good suggestions. I think the best way to maximize the amount you earn with online surveys is to couple several quality survey companies together.

    Then like you said be consistent but make sure you’re participating in the referral programs. Some referral programs are better than others for example CashCrate has a great referral program. Where SurveySavvy has good surveys the referral program is not all that great.

    I wrote a post about my where I earn money.

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