Can You Really Get Paid to Play Games?

Many people may find this hard to believe – but it is true: You can actually get paid to play games on your computer.

One of the ways that some people use to earn cash by playing games is to register as a ‘tester’ for various games. Unfortunately, as many have found out, this is easier said than done and you can often go for months on end without getting an offer to test a single game.

Alternatively, why not try one of these games that will actually allow you to legitimately earn cash by playing them?

Second Life

Heard of Second Life in the past? It is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) where people literally live second lives.

Everything in the game runs on its virtual currency, Linden Dollars. And what you might not realize is that Linden Dollars can be exchanged for real cash, making it a very real possibility to earn cash by playing the game.

Club Bing

Chances are you’ve heard of Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing. But have you heard of the Club Bing website that they launched in tandem with it?

On this website, you can play various games that will allow you to earn tickets. Different games will give you different amounts of tickets – so pay close attention to those that offer more than just one.

Once you have a certain amount of tickets, you can either use them to claim gifts or exchange them for real cash.

Exodus 3000

Yet another MMORPG, Exodus 3000 is a browser based game that will allow you to exchange its in game currency (Mars Dollars) for real cash. Unlike other similar games, the rate of exchange is based on your level within the game itself.

In short, that means that the higher your level within the game, the more money you’ll get for your Mars Dollars – which is definitely something that is worth keeping in mind if you intend to regularly earn cash from this game.

From these three games alone, you should be starting to see that it is definitely possible to get paid to play games. Although you might not earn much initially, over time games such as Second Life and Exodus 3000 will allow you to improve your ability to earn in-game currency – and thus your income from these games will increase too.

If you spend a little bit of time looking, you should be able to find other games that offer similar deals as well!

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3 thoughts on “Can You Really Get Paid to Play Games?

  1. Get Paid to Play Games – yes I’m one of the active players of Dungeons and Treasures. In this game, players can play for free and get paid (Cash Out is $10)

    Here’s a comment of one of our players:
    “If you want to get paid faster , buy codes . But it only gives enough back to buy new codes . There’s no way to get gold quickly in this game , so relax and have some fun . I saw you write abut you hope the game gets more players , so do i . But in this case remember , it is those of us who buy codes that`s bringing in the money . I don`t mind sharing with free members who can not afford to buy in , but the less members who buy in , the less money to share.”

    So in this case, players who invested get more than those players who plays free. If you are interested to know more about DT, just click my name…:)

  2. your totally correct about making money from games. i play anno1777 which pays you to play, but like you said the more time you put into a game the more cash you get out

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