Earn Money Answering Questions Online

People often go online looking for answers to their questions. Sometimes, they find those answers on websites, but sometimes they can’t. That is why over the years there have been certain websites that have dedicated themselves to allowing people to ask questions, and get answers by actual experts in various fields!

Some of these websites are willing to share the wealth and will actually pay you to answer questions that people are asking! Here and now, you’re going to find out 5 of the best places to go to get paid for answering questions online:

Just Answer

The registration process on Just Answer is very stringent and it requires you to prove your expertise by providing your credentials (which may often include certification, degrees, and so on) and sometimes taking a test.

Once you are accepted though, you’ll be paid 25% of what customers offer for an answer, and will have the opportunity to work your way up to become a Stage 4 expert where you’ll earn up to 50% instead!


Anyone can join ChaCha and become a Generalist (someone who navigates the web), Specialist (with a passion for a particular topic), Expeditor (with a knack for problem solving) or Transcriber (who converts voice messages to text).

That being said, the pay isn’t all that great, with Expeditors and Transcribers earning $0.02 per task they complete while Generalists and Specialists earn $0.08.

On top of that, you’ll also earn points that can be converted to cash, but the conversion rate shifts from month to month and based on how well the website as a whole is doing.

Student Questions

This website targets academic subjects where you can become a ‘tutor’ and post answers to the questions that various students ask across multiple categories. If the student requests to see your answer – you’ll be paid what they are offering, minus a small percentage that is taken as commission.

Web Answers

With Web Answers you won’t get paid directly for answering questions. Instead – when your answer is picked as the ‘Best Answer’, all advertisements displayed on that page will be credited to your Google AdSense account and you’ll earn revenue from them.

Also, based on your Quality Score and several other factors, some advertisements throughout the entire website will be credited to your account from time to time.

In short the focus is not just on answering question, but providing answers that will be picked as the ‘Best Answer’ and also those that will help raise your Quality Score so that you can maximize the advertising revenue that comes your way.

Live Person

At Live Person, when you register you’ll be listed as an expert in the category that you’ve chosen and clients will be paired up with you. Unlike other services however, you’ll have to answer them over a live chat or phone session and bill them on an hourly rate.

For this service, Live Person will take a 30% to 45% cut (varies based on the fee and category), but you can avoid it on any clients that you refer to Live Person yourself!

See how many different places are willing to pay you to answer questions? While some of them require a minimum level of expertise, there are others that don’t – which means that no matter what you can make money by answering questions online.

All you need to do now is choose a website and get started!

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