Earn Money By Uploading or Sharing Files Online

It may surprise you, but nowadays you can actually earn money by uploading or sharing files online. Through various websites, you’ll find that you’re able to upload anything you like – and get paid real cash based on the number of people who download your files.

With that being said, we will now introduce you to some of the top legitimate websites that will allow you to earn money from uploading and sharing your files.

Deposit Files

Essentially, Deposit Files runs various bonus programs that differ from each other based on their conditions. Some of these programs only pay for unique downloads within the United States, while others support various other countries. Different programs also pay out for different file sizes, with some only paying for files that are bigger than 50 MB.

For a full list of the current available programs, just head over here

Additionally, Deposit Files also hands you 20% of the earnings of anyone who you refer to their program, and it carries out various contests on a regular basis. In contrast to most other websites that pay out once a week, Deposit Files does so twice a week – which is nice for active users.


LetItBit.com has traditionally always operated a tier based payout scheme where website owners are given ratings based on the amount of downloaders they refer that end up becoming paid users.

Recently however, they’ve launched a secondary payout scheme option that pays based on the file size instead. While there are certain limitations on the countries that a download may come from to qualify – they are no specific plans that only support certain countries.

To take a look at their current payment schemes, check them out right here.

Unlike Deposit Files, Let It Bit pays out 25% of the earnings of anyone who you refer to their program, which means that recruiting others under your banner carries greater benefits.


On Uploading.com, the payout scheme that is used is based on both the file size that is being downloaded as well as the ‘tier’ that you belong to. As with Let It Bit, Uploading calculates your tier based on your productivity – including how many downloaders you refer who become premium members.

On top of its standard scheme, with Uploading you’ll also earn 20% of the earnings of anyone you refer and 10% of any premium sales that consist of people who download your files.

If you’d like to find out more about the specifics of their program and the country restrictions that is has, click here

Hot File

Overall, HotFile.com is very similar to Uploading in terms of its core system that pays out based on both the file size that is downloaded and the ‘rank’ that you belong to. Once again, the rank in this case is calculated largely based on the number of users who download your files and then become premium members.

It also pays 5% commission on these sales of premium accounts via your uploaded files.

To take a glance at the payout structure and countries that it acknowledges downloads from, just head over here

One unique feature of Hot File is that it also operates other affiliate programs that will allow you to earn by referring people to files that others have uploaded.

As you can see, each of these four services is unique in its own way but they all share one thing in common – they will allow you to earn money by uploading and sharing files online.

While it is tough to make a lot at the start, if you’re able to upload files that are highly popular – you’ll quickly find that you’re able to make a decent side income online.

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  1. Thank you for sharing another way of earning. I was really not aware of this type of money making opportunity. I have thousands of my work done and I have not shared those anywhere in the world. Now, I can earn money by uploading them in the sites you shared. Thanks and keep posting.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful article, I read a lot about earning money from the lifting of files, but there are some problems
    1. Where can I get the files?
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