Get Paid to Post Reviews on Your Blog

Did you know that you can get paid just to post reviews of certain products, services, or even websites on your blog?

Over the years, this has become one of the many ways in which blog owners make a decent income from their blog’s popularity, and while there are some rules and requirements – the pay is generally pretty decent if you own a blog that gets a steady stream of visitors!

To find these opportunities, you need to check out various paid blogging networks, such as these:

Pay Per Post

This was the very first network to pioneer the concept of getting paid for blogging about certain products or services, and up to this very day they have a wide database of opportunities that bloggers can take advantage of.

In general, Pay Per Post hands out anything from $5 to $200 for each completed post that is approved.

Sponsored Reviews

A popular alternative to Pay Per Post, Sponsored Reviews also has a large database of advertisers that will pay you to review their products or services on your blog. Each advertiser has their own guidelines that you’ll have to follow.

This paid blogging network does pay slightly better than Pay Per Post, with each review able to earn anything from $10 to $500.

Review Me

Once again, you get to choose from amongst various products and services that you want to review – and keep full control over what you choose to post. While this may have fewer advertisers, there are ample opportunities and each pays anything from $20 to $200.


Unlike most other paid blogging networks which limit you to a single blog per person, Smorty allows you to earn income off as many blogs as you like – making it ideal for serious bloggers who run multiple blogs.

Also, this particular network has its own special payout structure which lets you earn up to $100 based on the Page Rank of your blog and its internal Smorty rating.

Buy Blog Reviews

Relatively new to the scene, Buy Blog Reviews runs on a bidding system where blog owners ‘bid’ for the review opportunities posted by advertisers. If you do win the bid, Buy Blog Reviews will take a 30% cut, which is very competitive compared to other networks – and you’ll get to pocket the remaining 70%.

Check out these networks if you’d like to see how you could get started and get paid for writing reviews about products and services of your choice. Of course, the best jobs are going to be those that relate to your blog in some way – or at very least are in the same broad ‘niche’.

Who knows – you could find yourself earning a steady and decent income simply by posting reviews on your blog!

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