Legitimate PTC & PTR Sites Worth Mentioning

For those who want a really easy way to earn money online, you may be interested in PTC and PTR sites. PTC stands for paid to click while PTR stands for paid to read. With these types of websites, you can get paid to click on and view advertisements as well as reading paid advertisements through emails.

It’s a really simple way to make some easy money. However, there are a couple of things to note about PTC and PTR sites. First, you only earn on average about a penny per advertisement you view which means that the earning potential is initially pretty low. Second, there are many scammy sites in this field.

The earning potential is really the only reason why I didn’t get into this method of making money online heavily. I tested it out to see if it was a legitimate opportunity and I found out that it is. However, if you are going the totally free route with these sites – like I did – it really isn’t worth the time it takes to make what little you end up making.

The key to making money with these types of sites is referrals. With some of the sites, you can pay for referrals which will allow you to make more money especially if they are active.

However, with a lot of the PTC and PTR sites, you have to get your own referrals which can be very time consuming. Once you do get referrals, they may not be active which is when it becomes a hassle.

Even with this being said, some people do earn a decent amount of money each month with PTC and PTR sites. Then there are a lot of people who find this opportunity easy enough for them do. So many people are interested in this opportunity. This is why I have created this article.

There are many scammy PTC and PTR sites out there that don’t pay. I know which ones are legitimate through my own personal experience and want to share those sites with those who would like to try this opportunity out for themselves.

So lets take a look at the legitimate PTC and PTR sites worth mentioning.

Hits4Pay – I have used this site for a while and received two total payments from them for a total amount of $54. So I’ve made money with them and have gotten paid. With this site, you get paid to view advertisements. If you want to learn more about it, you can read my Hits4Pay review.

Clixsense – This is another legitimate PTC site. You get paid to click on and view advertisements. You can make up to .02 per click and there are other ways to increase your earnings on the site. This site has been around for quite some time and have proven to be legit.

YouData – This site is pretty new to the scene but I can say I enjoyed the site when I used it. Basically, you get paid to view advertisements and visit advertisers websites. You make a lot more than you normally do at PTC websites so I will be monitoring this website to see if it stays legit.

Usually you earn around a penny or two but at YouData, I’ve gotten paid ten cents for viewing and clicking on an ad.

I can say that I have gotten payment from them. They payout every Friday and send you whatever you earned for the week to your Paypal account. My first payment was for .80 which you can see below. It’s not a lot but I was just testing if the site was legit. So far, so good though.

NeoBux – With this site, I haven’t had that much experience personally but I will say that it is legit. It’s one of the more popular PTC sites on the web and has some really good reviews.

So these are the legitimate PTC & PTR sites that you can join for free to start earning money. There are some other sites that will pay you to read emails and click on ads but these sites are general GPT sites so they don’t just focus on clicking and viewing ads. They have several different things you can get paid to do.

If you want to learn more, you can check out this article – Top 6 Legitimate GPT (Get Paid To) Sites

If you do need more PTC and PTR programs to join, you can just do a search in Google for legitimate PTC sites. Just make sure you look for payment proofs or reviews because there are a lot of PTC sites that are scams.

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6 thoughts on “Legitimate PTC & PTR Sites Worth Mentioning

  1. Hi, The ptc/ptr/workmail/survey sites that I’ve been using pay anywhere from 1$ to 100$. I’m looking to make a fulltime income, not just a little change here and there… I’m on somewhere between 20 and 50 sites, because I’m guessing that some of them might be scams, in fact the only reason I signed up for neobux is because another site paid me 10$ to do it. That doesn’t mean that I won’t use neobux. I just lost a job because I refused to dress sexier and now I’m working for an immigrant slave driver who refuses to pay me minimum wage for moving boxes that weigh between 40 and 70 lbs all day… and for a girl who weighs less than 100 lbs thats a lot…. I’m sick of the bullshit I’ve had to deal with in the mainstream job market and I’m looking for something new.

    Thanks for the info, I’ll which of the higher paying sites turn out to be for real.

    Regards, and best wishes in your hunt to provide a living for yourselves and your families to all of you.


  2. I only work with YouData. I love the fact that their rates are higher and that you can get paid every week as long as you meet the minimum requirements. With the other sites it seems as though it would take me forever to reach payout.

  3. @ Gail – Thanks for your comments. When I say legitimate, I mean that people can sign up, make money and actually get paid. This is on the side where people are making money. I totally understand what you are saying in regards to the ones that actually pay for people to view there websites or ads. I wouldn’t advertise on a PTC. I tried it and it ended being a total ripoff. However, it still is a legitimate way for people to make small change online.

  4. I can’t believe you actually put ‘legitimate’ and ‘ay to click’ in the same sentence. If a PTC program is targeting unsuspecting advertisers it really should be called pay to STEAL because that is precisely what it does – it steals money from advertisers who are willing to pay for potential BUYERS to click on their ads – not an army of poorly paid Internet workers who are never going to buy anything from them.

    One reason these exist is because Web sites that sell advertising based on the number of visitors can inflate their traffic and therefore their ad income. In that case, instead of stealing from THAT Web site (who know they’re paying for phony traffic) you are stealing from those who buy ads on that site.

    Either way, it is clear that PTC is unethical once you understand what is going on.

    • @ Gail I agree there are alot of paid to click sites like that, but there are also alot out there that are legit i am signed up on a few myself and have been paid by every single one of them u should do some research before u go around saying that thhey are scam and stealing money from adverisers i would be more than happy to send the links to ones i am signed up with so u can see just how just legit they are i am even willing to post proof if thats what it takes to convince u of their legitimacy if u would like to talk to me or want mor info on this u can email me at RedsSaphire12@yahoo.com anyone is welcome to email if interested in ptcs or other ways to make money have a very Merry Christmas :)

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