10 Different Ways to Make Money From a Blog

Do you have a blog? Is it making you any money? If you don’t have a blog, you can easily create one and starting making money with it. If you do have and you are not making any money, you can try out other methods which I am about to mention now.

Here are 10 different ways to make money from a blog.

1. Posting Reviews For Cash

You can get paid to post reviews on your blog for cash. Many refer to this as paid blogging. To learn more about this opportunity, you can check out my article: Get Paid to Post Reviews on Your Blog.

2. Selling Advertisement

If your blog gets enough traffic, you may be able to sell banner advertisements on your blog. Many people are looking to advertise their website and look for websites that provide banner advertisements.

You can put up a banner on your website that says something like “Your Ad Here” to let people know you have space available. You could also inform people of your ad space by posting at a webmaster forum such as Digital Point.

3. Serving PPC Ads

You can join a PPC advertising network that has an affiliate program such as Adsense and serve the ads on your website. Depending on the network, you will have several options to add advertisements to your blog (text ads, link units, image ads, etc). You will get paid a certain amount per click that comes from ads being served on your blog.

4. CPA Offers

There are many CPA offers out there. There is a good chance that you may find a few that relates to your niche. You can promote CPA offers on your blog and make money. You can check out the following article to learn more about how it works: How to Make Money Marketing CPA Offers

5. Promoting Physical Products

If your blog niche discusses physical type products, you can join an affiliate program that offers physical products. Once you do that, you can find the products through that specific program or network and promote the products.

You would earn a percentage of any sales you make from promoting the products on your blog. Amazon and Ebay both deal with physical products and have an affiliate program.

6. Promoting Digital Products

You can also promote digital products such as ebooks and software as an affiliate. You would earn a certain percentage of each sale of the product(s) that you promote on your blog. As with CPA, there are many digital products out there in many different niches.

There is a good chance that you could find one related to your blog. You could start by looking at affiliate networks such as Clickbank and PayDotCom to find digital products.

7. In Text Advertisements

In text advertisements are advertisements placed within the content on your website or blog. Usually, a word or phrase is linked to an advertisement throughout your content.

Anytime someone rolls over that link with their mouse, they are shown an advertisement. If they click on the advertisement, you would earn a certain amount of money.

Kontera and Infolinks are two of the places that allow people to make money serving these types of ads on their websites or blogs.

8. Flipping It

You could always flip your blog to make some money too. I wouldn’t really recommend doing it unless you know how it works and what is necessary for you to actually make some decent money but you could always sell the blog to someone else. You can learn a little more about blog flipping here.

9. Offering a Service

You can use a blog to offer a service. For example, if you are good at designing banners, you could showcase your skills and set up the blog to accept orders. Your contact information, details about your packages, and more could be on your blog.

All you have to do is set it all up and drive interested parties (targeted traffic) to your blog. Once they see some good samples or positive testimonials, they should want to try your services out. If you go about it the right way and offer something people need, you should make some good money.

10. Consulting

If you are an expert or authority in your niche, you can offer consulting on your blog. Basically, you would charge a certain amount of money for people to chat with you, get advice, etc. They would pay for you to give them advice or help them out. Consulting may not work for all niches but there quite a few out there where people are constantly needing help and advice.

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7 thoughts on “10 Different Ways to Make Money From a Blog

  1. thankssss dude nice share

    i am used autopilot system on my website is it dangerous for adsense or for other programes like adsense

    if dangerous then tell me other programes to earn from it

  2. Very useful information that may lead to success as blogger.
    Blog + SEO = MONEY right?
    But do you think it applicable if i hired someone for SEO task or doing it by my self?

  3. Yes, a blog is very easy to make. WordPress has a great platform for anyone to start with. just get to know it and creating the blog will be a breeze. We have a getting started section on ours for affiliate marketing newbies to check out.

  4. sir i want to know little about bringing traffic on site …..i write by own but dont get as much traffic as i deserve may be because my site is not properly configured for search engines…

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