20 Ways to Generate Traffic To Your Blog or Website

Traffic is one of the most important things that a blog or website needs in order for it to have any potential to make money. In order for people to see what your blog or website has to offer, you need to make a way for them to reach it.

Unfortunately, many people get stuck when it comes to driving targeted traffic to their website. They do everything to make their blog or website great but then struggle to get anyone to see it. This has happened to me too when I first started out so I know that feeling of disappointment.

In any case, there are many effective ways to drive traffic to a blog or website. After a bunch of research and experimenting, I have come up with a list of effective ways to generate traffic to a blog or website. Now, I want to share these methods with you so that you can start getting more traffic and hopefully make some money. Get ready because this is quite a long list.

1. Blog Commenting – Comment on blogs related to your niche making sure to leave a link back to your website. Please don’t spam.

2. Guest Posting – Find websites or blogs related to your niche that accepts guest posts and send the owner a really good guest article. I recommend checking out MyGuestBlog which is a community of website and blog owners which posts guest blogging opportunities.

3. Online Discussion Forums – Find online discussion forums related to your niche and join in on the discussions. Make sure to create a signature that includes your website and fill out your profile.

4. Q&A Websites – There are several websites where people go to ask and answer questions. One such site is Yahoo Answers. Contribute by answering questions related to your website and leave your website in the resource section. Don’t spam or your account will be suspended.

5. Article Directories – There are many article directories where you can submit articles and get traffic to your website. Submit to some of the highest ranking article directories and try to find some that are directly related to your niche.

6. Press Releases – Submitting press releases to PR directories is another great way to get some exposure to your website. Make sure that what you submit is newsworthy.

7. Social Media – There are many social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where you can connect with people and promote your website at the site time. Build an audience, contribute content, and interact with people.

8. Social Bookmark Websites – If you have some content on your site that is very helpful or “sharable”, submit it to social bookmark websites such as Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Delicious.

When people come across your bookmark, they can share it with others and that is more potential people checking out your website. There are a bunch of these types of websites so look for a good list of them and submit your content.

9. Videos – Videos have become very popular over the course of years and using them can be a very powerful way to get people to visit your website. You can also use videos strategically on certain video sharing websites such as Youtube to get even more traffic.

Create some helpful, short to the point videos and make sure to include a link to your website in the description. You can also work your website url into the video although it will not be a clickable link.

10. Free Reports – Create a very helpful report and give it away for free. Make sure that it contains your website url so that people can check out your website. You can easily create a pdf document using Open Office turning it into an ebook.

11. Contests – You can sponsor someone elses contest making sure the contest runner mentions your website or you could create your own contest where you give away something good for a prize for the winner. The better the prize, the more people that you will have participating.

Get them to post about your contest or website on their own website to receive entries. You could also give them entries for sharing your content on social network sites. Be creative and make sure that you can get some traffic out of it.

12. Online Communities – There are many online communities out there that cover a variety of niches. Find one or two that is related to your niche and participate there. Make sure that they allow members to contribute content and create their own profiles.

For example, if you were in the parenting niche, Cafemom could be a great community to participate in because you can create your own groups, share your website, create a profile, and more. If your niche was health, you could participate at DailyStrength which talks about health, self help, and more.

The point is that there are many communities out there where you can get some traffic. You just have to take the time to search for them.

13. Online Groups – Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and Linkin Groups are a few online groups that you can utilize to bring traffic to your website or blog. Join active groups related to your niche and join in on the discussions while also mentioning your website where relevant.

14. Podcasts – Create some informative posdcasts related to your website and submit them to podcast websites such as PodCastAlley and Itunes Podcast directory.

15. Blog Communities – If you own a blog, there are several popular blog communities that you can join and participate in which can help increase traffic to your own website. BlogCatalog is one example. There are also “social blogmarking websites” which are just as effective. You can look into Blogengage and Blokube for starters.

16. SEO – This is a tried and true method to get traffic. Get your website listed in the organic results of popular search engines, preferably in the top result for high traffic keywords related to your niche. It may take a lot of hard work and patience but if done right, you could see a lot of consistent targeted traffic.

17. Paid Traffic – If you don’t mind spending some money in order to get some extra traffic, there are plenty of ways buy traffic. You could try PPC advertising, banner advertising, and more.

Just make sure that you know what you are doing beforehand when it comes to your hard earned money.

18. Quality Content – If your website or blog has quality content and information that is worth being shared with others, once you do get some traffic, it can start to grow rapidly because people will automatically share your website and mention it to others. Make sure you have a way for people to share your content.

19. Provide Testimonials or Reviews – This isn’t a method that is used a lot but it is possible to get traffic to your website or blog by providing testimonials or reviews for products or services related to your niche.

In exchange for a review or testimonial, some product owners will include your website along with your review on their product sales page or website. You just have to be on the lookout for upcoming products or services.

If the product owner doesn’t state that they will include your website with the review, you can also always ask and I’m sure they will be happy to do that. Just make sure you actually try out the service or product.

20. Exchange Reviews For Traffic – This may sound similar to the method mentioned above but there are websites where you can review other peoples website and in exchange for more exposure to your own website. List your website, visit and review other websites, and people will visit your website in return.

It works a little different depending on the website but it does work. You can check out WhyDoWork and LinkReferral for two places that uses this approach.

So there you have 20 different ways to generate traffic to your website or blog. All of these methods can really help you get the traffic you need to make money. It may take some time and dedication but in the end, it pays off.

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9 thoughts on “20 Ways to Generate Traffic To Your Blog or Website

  1. I think guest blogging is a sure fire way to boost not only traffic, but traffic that is relevant to your niche. The problem with it is that it is outside of most people’s comfort zone. Too many people are afraid to reach out and ask… or they don’t know how to ask.

  2. great list dude..u cover all the points..

    for the paid traffic, i would choose fiverr.com in the social media group or banner advertising which cost me only $5

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