How to Earn Money With Twitter

Ever since Twitter exploded onto the internet, it quickly became a hit. Nowadays it has tens of millions of users all sharing content with each other – in 140 characters or less!

Savvy marketers have found that it is possible to use the popularity of Twitter to their own advantage, and have begun to rake in a tidy income month after month by simply using the inherent advantages of this service.

If you’re wondering how it is possible to earn money with Twitter, the simple answer is this: Twitter allows people to ‘follow’ others and get instant notifications of the updates that they make.

So when you get more and more people to follow you, the messages that you ‘tweet’ will reach more and more people. That makes them valuable for a number of possible monetization options!

Affiliate Marketing

With tons of people following your Twitter feed, you could source affiliate products from sites such as Clickbank and promote them to your followers. This is most often done as a recommendation, i.e. ‘So you like training dogs? Check out this book: link’.

Sponsored Tweets

Assuming you have a wide reach into a certain market, there are companies out there that will pay you to promote or recommend certain products, or even just tweet about them as part of their branding strategy. SponsoredTweets & MagPie are two places where you can get paid for tweeting ads on your twitter status.

Charged Access

One model that isn’t so popular is to charge for people to view your Twitter feed. Generally, this is only going to work if your Twitter feed happens to be incredibly popular for some reason or other.

If it is important enough to people though, they’ll definitely be willing to pay to view it!A good site that will help you set up something similar to this is TwitPub which allows you to charge people to subscribe to your feed or view your tweets.

As you can see, the main tie that unites all these monetization options is the fact that with Twitter you’ll have the ability to reach people from all locations, walks of life, and interest groups.

In short, when you’re building up Twitter followers – you’re actually creating a list of people who are interested in what you have to say.

Bear in mind though that the keyword here is ‘interested’. If you bombard your Twitter followers with constant advertisements alone, you can bet they’re going to lose interest fairly quickly and many will probably stop following you.

Instead, what you need to constantly think of is to provide ‘value’ within your tweets. Don’t just tweet about recommended products that you think they’d like – be sure to mix in some freebies that might include great content, good advice, or even the occasional giveaway.

That is the key to keeping your followers around, and it will help establish a certain trust that will prove invaluable when you do advertise anything to them.

All in all, earning money with Twitter is really all about using it as a platform that allows you to reach potential customers – on your behalf, or on the behalf of other companies that will pay you to do so!

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