Earning Money as a Freebie Trader

Have you ever heard of someone being a freebie trader? Chances are that you haven’t. When I used to tell people I made money as a freebie trader, they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and these were people who were also making money online so they had knowledge about several of the opportunities available to make money over the Internet.

The point is that many people are unaware of this method that can potentially help them make some extra money online and quickly. However, before I go any further, I would like to say that this opportunity is not for those residing in countries other than the US and Canada.

What is freebie trading?

Freebie trading involves mainly two things. Going green for others and getting greens – both which will allow you to make money. This is freebie trading talk which you may not understand so let me break it down for you.

Going Green For Others

Going green for others basically means signing up to an Incentivized freebie website under someone and completing the offer requirements on that specific site. Once you do so, you will get paid a certain amount of cash for signing up as a referral and successfully completing the offer requirements on the site.

Getting Greens

Getting greens means to get referrals for the Incentivized freebie website. Once you refer someone and they complete their offer requirements, you will have successfully gotten a green for that specific incentivized freebie website.

If you have completed the site requirements for cashout – completing the offer requirements yourself and acquiring the amount of referrals needed for the prize you chose – you will get your prize (cash, prizes, gift cards..up to you which prize you choose).

This is what freebie trading is all about but you still may be confused so I will actually guide you to how a trade would work and the whole process.

Step 1: Join A Forum Dedicated to Freebie Trading

In order to start, you need to reach people for both going green and getting greens. These freebie trading forums are like your workplace. You go there to find people to green for (make money) and you go there to find people to go green on your sites (making money as well).

Also these forums have all the information you need to get started. So if you are new, no worries because the community is there to help you learn what you need to get started and making money.

Step 2: Start Going Green On Sites

When you are new, you need to go green on some sites so that you can have sites for the second stage of freebie trading which is getting greens for your own sites.

Well, if you are only out to make some quick cash and not really go further in the business, then you may not need to go green on a bunch of sites.

In any case, you would sign up to a freebie site using someones referral link. It’s easy to find people to go green for because you can browse through the “referrals for cash” section of the forums and find many threads of people looking for referrals for their sites.

Once you find someone to go green for, you use the referral link that they give you and register for the site. Now the offer requirements for each site will be a little different depending on the site.

You may only have to complete one offer in order to complete the offer requirements, or you may have to do several.

The sites where you have to do more than one offer to green will just about always pay more.

Once you are registered, you will need to see what the offer requirements are and complete your offer(s). The offers are just trial offers. Some are free and some cost a little more. In most cases though, you will just have to pay for shipping and handling.

*Always make sure to keep up with the offers you do and contact information of the trial offer company.

One reason people don’t enter this business is because they hear of horror stories of people getting their credit cards charged because they forgot to cancel their trial offers.

This does happen but if you stay organized and cancel the trials before it ends, you don’t have to worry about surprise charges. Just make sure you only sign up for trial offers that interest you and never scam the company by signing up just to get credit and cancelling the next chance you get.

As long as you know the rules, abide by them, and stay organized, you should do well in this business.

Continuing on….

Once you complete the offers and have fulfilled the offer requirements, you will let your trade partner know (the one that is paying you to go green on their site). Once they have verified that you have indeed went green, they will pay you instantly from their Paypal account.

Note that it may take a little while for your offer to credit. In order to fulfill the offer requirements, you need to be credited for the offers you completed.

The amount you make for the trade depends on what the trader wants to offer you for completing the site and how much the site actually pays for a referral. Both of these are considered.

Nowadays, you can find people offering 100% which means that whatever the site pays them for a referral, they pay the whole amount to you. Now they probably won’t make profit but they will get more people to go green for them which can help them win a contest the site is having which pays out big money.

So, if you completed a site for someone paying 100% and the site paid out $50 per referral, you would get the whole $50 instead of the normal 50% cut.

That’s basically how going green works.

Step 3: Get Greens

This step is basically getting referrals for your own sites which you would have acquired when you went green for other sites. You can payout however much you want. 50%, 75%, or even 100% of whatever you would get paid per referral from the incentived freebie website.

In this step, you get to make money from getting referrals and winning referral contests. Most sites have referral contests. You can win these by getting the most referrals. So on top of the money you make for getting referrals, you have a chance to make more.

Now you get referrals by starting your own thread on freebie forums which will include details about your sites, payouts, and any bonuses you would offer. It’s good to establish yourself on a few forums first to get Itrader (trade rading). The higher the better for both greening and getting greens. It shows that you are trustworthy.

That is basically how freebie trading is although there is a lot more to it. As you may have noticed, you will need a debit or credit card to complete the offers and will have to spend a few dollars to go green but you make profit which can be paid to you instantly.

It’s a tricky business but as you get used to it and fully understand how it works, it could be a great opportunity to make a few hundred extra bucks a month.

How Do I Know About This?

I signed up for Project Payday a while ago which introduced me to this business. I can say that I made the right move at the time because the program had all of the information I needed to start making money in the freebie trading business.

If this was an opportunity that sounded good to you, I would recommend going through Project Payday or just signing up to a freebie forum such as Anything4Free and learning the ropes. You could also just contact me because I don’t mind helping people make some money.

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2 thoughts on “Earning Money as a Freebie Trader

  1. I have been doing freebie trading for over 3 years, and I will agree this is a great way to make some extra money on the web. I unfortunately disagree with recommendation of going through Project Payday, it is totally unnecessary step and will use offers up that you will you still could do when you eventually join a forum, which you will because that is where you are going to find your referrals. I highly recommend that you join us on 1st Degree Freebies, here is the link: http://www.1stdegreefreebies.com/forums/forum.php?referrerid=58. This is the newest and fastest growing freebie forum on the internet and a great place to trade.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comments. I have heard of 1stdegreefreebies before but haven’t really checked it out much. I used to deal with the FreeLunchRoom forum until it closed down and now I am over at Anything4Free – well I used to be.

      In any case, I just recommended Project Payday because it is what got me started in the business and I did quite well even though I did an offer that could have been used on a freebie site. Giving them credit. I like their information and thought it would be good for new people.

      Like you said though, they can bypass the project payday step and learn what they need over at a forum such as the one you recommended or the one I did in the article. Thanks for stopping by.

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