Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Cash – From The Early Show

A few days ago I was watching the Early Show and one of their stories was about how people can earn extra cash.

Nowadays, it seems that many people are looking to earn some extra cash due to the state of the economy so I’m sure that the story gave viewers some new ideas on how to find money making opportunities.

As I was listening in, I actually knew about all of the methods they talked about. Some are listed on this website in more details but some I have yet to cover. In any case, I wanted to post the video for those needing new ideas to make some extra cash. Keep in mind that these are legitimate opportunities and they are no scams.

Watch the video below to see the ideas.

Here is a little outline of whats in the video.

Participating In Clinical Trials – Get paid to participate in clinical trials. View http://clinicaltrials.gov for such opportunities.

Searching For Unclaimed Property That May Be Owed to You – Visit http://unclaimed.org or http://missingmoney.com to search for unclaimed money.

Market Research – Get paid for giving your opinion. This is talked about on this website. You can check out legitimate market research companies that are free to join by CLICKING HERE.

They also talked about being an online juror which falls under the category of giving your opinions to make money. You can check out http://onlineverdict.com for such opportunities.

Mystery Shopping – Get paid to mystery shop. For legitimate mystery shopping opportunities, you can visit http://mysteryshop.org/

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One thought on “Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Cash – From The Early Show

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