Amazon Affiliate Program – Simple Guide to Earning Your First $100 from Amazon

Amazon’s affiliate program can be a good affiliate program that you can consider as an affiliate marketer. With a large selection of products, you can promote almost any kind of product and receive a percentage of the sales that you bring to Amazon.

However, Amazon only offers 4-8% affiliate commission for you, so you need a good strategy in order to earn big from Amazon. If you are struggling to get your first $100 commission from Amazon, here’s a simple guide that may help.

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Choose a product or group of related products in the $100-$500 price range

Since the commission rate is low, it is better for you to choose a good selling product in the $100-$500 price range. In this way, you will make at least $4 commission from each sale. Choosing low priced products may just waste your efforts and only collect pennies.

Choose a good product

It is better for you to choose the right niche that will convert nicely for your marketing effort. Choosing the right product to promote is important in order to get the best converting product on Amazon.

Try to promote products that have a lot of good reviews. The reviews are a good way to judge if the product has a good demand and they can reveal some good information that you can use for your promotion.

Note that the bestselling products are not always going to be profitable for you although they can give you an idea of what type of products has good buying intent.

One way to look for the some of the best products on Amazon is to determine the demand of that product using Google or by using a keyword tool to get an estimate of how many people are searching for information on that specific product.

If you don’t know where to start when choosing your product(s), start with your interests and check out products in the price range mentioned above in the category that interests you or products you would like to buy.

Demand and supply

When you find a product or group of related products that you want to promote, you can just put the product name into the Google Keyword Tool to see whether it has good demand or not.

The product needs to get at least 2000 exact match searches per month to make it a good candidate. However, this isn’t a solid figure. It could get more or less searches to be a good candidate but the keyword must have good buying intent and covert with minimal traffic.

If you want to go after higher traffic product related keywords, there must be weak competition on the first page of Google or you must be willing to put effort into getting into those top spots in Google for that keyword if competition is a bit strong.

Evaluating the competition mainly involves typing the product name or whichever phrase you want to target for the product(s) you chose into Google and determining whether you can grab a spot among the top 10 competitors – preferably the #1 spot.

You want to look for sites that;

  • Don’t have a lot of backlinks to them
  • Are not optimized for the product keyword
  • Have low PR
  • Are newer sites  – in terms of age
  • Are not considered authority sites

If you see quite a few of these types of sites in the top 10 results, you have a chance to get a good placement among the top 10 websites and you can pick the product and promote it.

Create Your Site

Once you have done the following, you can move onto to setting up your website or blog to promote the product:

  • Chosen a good product or group of related products within the specific price range
  • Completed market research; finding why people need the product, how it benefits them, who needs the product, etc.
  • Analyzed the product for demand and buying intent; making sure the product is in demand (keyword tool, reviews, market research) and  people are looking to buy the product

Once you have gathered information from the market research you did and chosen your keyword(s) to base your website around, you can start creating your site and putting content on it in the form of reviews and valuable information about the product or group of products.

WordPress is a great platform for creating your website. You will just need to register a domain name, buy hosting, and install wordpress onto your domain.

You should have no problem creating your review page(s). Write about the product and use information from the reviews on Amazon to create your unique product review.

Don’t forget to put your Amazon affiliate link into your product review page(s).

Post Valuable Information About the Product(s) on Your Website/Blog

After you placed your important review page(s) onto your website, the next thing that you need to do is to post a new page regularly. The content should be related to the product that you promote. You should create a new post at least once a week.

Then, you’re just about done.  The last thing you need to do is to bring traffic to your website.

This is one strategy that can allow you to profit from Amazon and earn your first $100 from their affiliate program.

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