Introducing QueryAds – A New PPC Advertising Option

With the growing popularity of pay per click (PPC) advertising, there is increased competition for advertisers which in turn leads to higher advertising prices. Queryads is a new PPC advertising network which brings new innovation to the advertising market and great opportunities for the advertisers themselves.

One such innovation that Queryads offers is real time keyword tracking for traffic going into the publisher’s web sites. At first this sounds like something that has been done many times, but Queryads uses this to aid you – the advertiser.

For example if an end user searches for ‘buy a red car’in a search engine and clicks through to a Queryads publisher, the Queryads server is able to detect this and display relevant advertisements based on that fact. The main benefit of this is the ability to bid on keywords and long tail keywords with much less competition than other services.

With other services such as Google’s Ad Words, you bid on very general terms with high search volume. This, with the increased competition from others, will lead to a much higher advertising spend (based on the share number of irrelevant ad clicks and the increased cost to advertise).

With Queryads you can drill down into more long tail search queries and have the ability to target those more carefully which leads to more targeted users clicking through on your ads.

Some other benefits of using Queryads are the fact that each of their publisher’s sites is manually approved. This means that the traffic you are buying is coming from reputable sources rather than a farm of web sites automatically created to game Google. The keywords you are able to bid on are proven to bring traffic to the publisher’s web sites so you are not bidding on blind keywords, where the results are less.

Unlike other networks, the top five bids are displayed in their exact amounts. No longer do you have to guess what the higher bid is and compensate with higher bids of your own. You have the power to place bids within the margin of one cent to bring you to the top.

You don’t have to waste time on older and expensive advertising networks which with each day are bringing less quality leads. With Queryads, you have complete control over all your keywords, bid prices and in turn the traffic coming back to you. Take control of your PPC advertising campaigns and see some great results.

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