Get Paid to Post on Forums – Paid Forum Posting

Many of you probably have Facebook and Twitter accounts and socialize with your friends, family, and associates about all sorts of things.

Some of you just like to chime in on discussions that interest you.

Why not get paid to do what you already do?

Paid forum posting is a great opportunity for those looking to make a little extra money on the side and it doesn’t require any major skill or talent. All that you really need to have is a good command of the English language.

You should know how to write without misspellings, grammar errors, and punctuation mistakes. You should also know how to add value to discussions and write engaging comments.

If you can do this, then forum posting may be a great way to put extra money into your pocket.

You are not going to make a full time income doing this but the opportunity doesn’t cost you a thing. An extra $5 a day could help out many people.

Although you will only earn about .10 -.15 cents on average per forum post that you make, the money can add up especially if there are other incentives or bonuses offered or you actually like contributing to discussion forums.

In most cases, you are able to choose which forums to participate in. You can easily find a paid forum posting opportunity that involves posting on a forum that is related to a topic that you are interested in.

For example, if you love to talk about parenting topics, you could make easy money contributing on a parenting forum as long as you have the time to contribute.

Getting Started With Paid Forum Posting

If you want to get paid to post on forums, there are several ways that you can go about it. I will list four of the best ways to get paid to post on forums.


PostLoop is one of the fastest growing websites that connects forum owners with those who are willing and able to post on their forums.
You can register for a free account, follow the instructions to get approved at the site, and once approved, start getting paid to post on forums that you interest you.

They have a nice selection of forums to contribute to in various categories. You only need 100 points ($5) in order to cashout. The average that you make per post on PostLoop is around .08 -.15 cent.

It may not be a lot but the money can add up fast when you are contributing on forums that truly interest you.


Paidforumposing is quite similar to Postloop as the concept is pretty much the same. You will be paid to post on forums. Payment is a bit better at PaidForumPosting with the highest earnings per post being around .20 cents.

Anyone can join as long as they have a good grasp of the English language and don’t mind getting paid via PayPal. There is also no minimum payout limit.


DigitalPoint is a large forum for webmasters. They have a section on the forum called Buy/Sell/Trade. One of the subforums is Content Creation where people can offer their writing services or buy content creation services from others.

You can post an ad on this forum to offer your forum posting service. Quite a few forum owners need posts and threads on their new forums to give it a kickstart and they will pay for it.

You can charge however much you want but most people pay .10 – .20 cents per post that you make. It’s a good way to make some fast cash although it won’t be that much.


Fiverr is the largest gig marketplace. You can create gigs on Fiverr and get paid whenever someone buys your gig and you successfully complete your gig.

What does this have to do with forum posting?

Well, Fiverr is a place to offer a service. You can create a forum posting gig on Fiverr and make money. E.g I will create 50 posts on your forum for $5.

You will have to make an enticing offer though because the competition is fierce. If you market your gig right and offer something that is different than everyone else is offering, you could generate some nice sales on Fiverr.

At Fiverr, you have to wait a minimum of 14 days before you can cashout. This applies to each sale that you make. Also, Fiverr takes $1 and there may be PayPal fees so don’t expect to earn the entire $5 from your gigs.

Final Thoughts

Paid forum posting is a nice way to generate some extra cash if you have some time to spare each day and you have a good grasp on the English language. It’s not going to make you a heap of money but it is a simple, free way to make some extra cash.

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