HomeJobStop Review – Is It a Scam?

I decided that I would check out a site called HomeJobStop since it was getting some good reviews and it happened to be a work at home job bank.

I came across this resource a couple of times but I didn’t give it much thought until earlier this month when I was researching different work from home opportunities and ways to find legitimate work from home jobs.

I found out that HomeJobStop was supposed to be a great resource for finding legitimate work from home jobs. So, I decided to see for myself what is so great about this site and if it actually is a good job bank.

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About HomeJobStop

HomeJobStop has been around since 1999. It is a job bank that focuses on work from home jobs. They distinguish themselves by only including legitimate opportunities in their job bank. They claim that you will not find any deceitful ads disguised as real work from home jobs or any other schemes or scams in their job bank. There are also no commercial advertisements displayed in their job bank. Continue reading

Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Cash – From The Early Show

A few days ago I was watching the Early Show and one of their stories was about how people can earn extra cash.

Nowadays, it seems that many people are looking to earn some extra cash due to the state of the economy so I’m sure that the story gave viewers some new ideas on how to find money making opportunities.

As I was listening in, I actually knew about all of the methods they talked about. Some are listed on this website in more details but some I have yet to cover. In any case, I wanted to post the video for those needing new ideas to make some extra cash. Keep in mind that these are legitimate opportunities and they are no scams. Continue reading

12 Common Work From Home Scams to Watch Out For

Scams occur all over the world varying in different forms. It is not surprising at all to know that there are scams over the Internet. Scams don’t discriminate so you bet that there are work at home scams out there.

Actually, most people that start out trying to earn money from home think that most online opportunities are scams.

I didn’t think all opportunities were scams but I had my guard up when I first started. I knew I didn’t want to waste time or money so I made sure that anything I tried was legitimate.

This is how you should look at things especially when you are new. There are quite a few bogus opportunities, websites, and scammers in the work from home field so you need to know how to spot a scam and how to avoid being scammed.

Before I go into that, which will be covered in my next post, I want to reveal some of the most common work from home scams you may encounter while looking for an online job.

If you know what opportunities to avoid, you will have a higher chance of actually choosing a legitimate work from home opportunity. So, lets get right into this. Continue reading

Earning Money as a Freebie Trader

Have you ever heard of someone being a freebie trader? Chances are that you haven’t. When I used to tell people I made money as a freebie trader, they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and these were people who were also making money online so they had knowledge about several of the opportunities available to make money over the Internet.

The point is that many people are unaware of this method that can potentially help them make some extra money online and quickly. However, before I go any further, I would like to say that this opportunity is not for those residing in countries other than the US and Canada. Continue reading

20+ Ways to Earn Money From Home

There are many different ways to earn money from home. Some are legitimate and some are just straight up scams. If you are searching for legitimate ways to earn some income online, then rest assured that you have come to the right place.

I’ve done my experimenting and research over the course of years and have compiled a list of 20+ different scam-free ways to make money on the Internet. You will find a brief description of the method and additional resources which includes more detailed information about how to earn money with that specific method.

With that being said, let’s get right into the methods that will allow you to earn money from home legitimately. Continue reading

OffPage SEO – How to Get Backlinks

Offpage SEO is basically linkbuilding in my opinion. This is when you build links pointing back to your website. My tips when it comes to building backlinks is to vary, vary, vary.

  • Vary the anchor text that you use to link to your website.
  • Vary the types of links you get. Nofollow, dofollow, low PR, high PR, contextual, raw link, etc.
  • Vary your linkbuilding techniques.

Ok, so even though I said to vary this and that, when it comes to effective linkbuilding, you would want to try to get a lot of high quality dofollow links with your keyword as the anchor text. This will take a lot of time and probably money too depending on how competitive the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for. Continue reading

13 Ways to Market Your Products, Services or Offers Online

Whether you have your own product or service or you are an affiliate promoting other peoples products, services, or offers, you will need to know how to effectively market whatever it is you are trying to promote if you really want to make some nice income online. So, I have compiled a nice list of 12 ways to market your products, services, or offers online. Continue reading

How to Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the more popular ways to earn money online mostly because it is ideal for beginners and allows marketers to earn an income without actually owning their own products!

Basically, with affiliate marketing you’ll be selling products on behalf of others – and taking a commission from each sale. The exact amount of commission can vary from affiliate program to affiliate program, but while some are as low as 5%, others are as high as 80% of the sale price!

If you’re interested in getting into affiliate marketing however, you should make certain that you know what you’ll need to do if you want to take home a profit.

Choose the Right Niche & Affiliate Products

As you may have noticed there are hundreds and thousands of products out there in many different niches that have affiliate programs, and they range from eBooks and other digital products to actual physical products such as electronics, gadgets, and even clothes and fashion accessories.

This leaves two big questions: Which niche are you going to market an affiliate product to? What product should you promote in a certain niche?

In general, the two important things spouted by most marketers are these:

  • Go into niches with a huge demand or problem.
  • Choose something that people are already buying, and sell it.

The logic behind this is that:

  • A) Niches with a huge demand or problem needing solved will usually consist of a lot of buyers.
  • B) If something is already selling well, that means that it has a proven appeal within the target market which should make the job of selling it a lot easier as well.

Of course it also helps if you pick a product in a niche that you’re familiar with, since it will make promoting it a little easier.

If you need some ideas of affiliate networks and programs that you can look into to find affiliate products to promote, I highly recommend you read this: 7 Really Good Affiliate Networks & Programs You Can Join To Make Money

Establishing a Web Presence

Once you have picked out an affiliate product to sell, you’re going to need to have some sort of web presence to sell it from.

If you’d like, you could create a small website or blog related to the niche the product is in and use that as a platform to sell the product. Alternatively, you could even look into sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages that enable people to easily create small pages dedicated to a single topic.

One of the most common techniques to actually sell affiliate products without making it appear as if you’re hoisting the product onto buyers is to use reviews. By reviewing affiliate products on your blog or website, you can tell your customers all about them without it looking like a blatant sales pitch.

Some marketers even design special review sites that review and compare multiple affiliate products within a certain niche; to help interested buyers select one that they feel would be best!

You will find that there are several angles you can take when it comes to creating an affiliate website.

Driving Traffic and Acquiring Customers

No matter how you slice and dice it though, you’re going to need traffic in order to make sales – and that’s why learning how to generate it is going to be a must!

There are several ways that you can actually drive traffic, such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank higher on search engines
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising via Google AdWords or other networks
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Forum posts and blog comments
  • Social bookmarking

Frankly speaking, driving traffic is a wide area that encompasses numerous options (as you should be starting to realize!) and it is going to be up to you to learn how best to acquire the customers that you need!

20 Ways to Generate Traffic

13 Ways to Market Products, Services, & Offers

You can check out the above two posts to give you some starting ideas on how to drive traffic and market products.

Boosting the Earning Potential of Affiliate Marketing

Now that you know the basics involved in earning a decent income with affiliate marketing – it is up to you to get started!

The first steps are definitely the hardest to take, but although affiliate marketing can be a lot of work at times – you’ll find that it carries a lot of potential too! Not only will you be able to promote multiple affiliate products across various niches, but you could also boost your earning potential by:

  • Capturing emails and building up an email list of proven buyers
  • Promoting Cost Per Action (CPA) offers alongside affiliate products in your niches
  • Taking part in Joint Ventures (JVs) which are essentially ‘exclusive’ affiliate programs

If you like, you could look on affiliate marketing as the launching pad that you use to progress into other types of internet marketing. It is easy to get into, but carries a lot of potential for success even way down the line!

Of course, this article isn’t going to provide you with all the information you need to really make money with affiliate marketing so I am going to list a resource that I think you will enjoy and benefit from.

Affilorama – This is one of the resources I used to start earning money with affiliate marketing and they provide great free information to help you start making money with affiliate marketing.

They have tons of information that range from the basics to the advanced stuff. Basically, it is complete affiliate marketing training from A-Z and you are sure to learn what you need to be successful with affiliate marketing.