10 Awesome Ways to Come Up With Niche Ideas

When I first began my Internet marketing journey, I had no problems coming up with niche ideas. I already knew what niches I wanted to get into. I built my first set of websites based on the niches I was interested in and all was fine until I wanted to build more websites.

What niche should I get into next? My mind went blank. I couldn’t come up with any niche ideas. I struggled with this for a while before I finally decided to research other ways to come up with niche ideas. After using the methods that I learned about from my research and own discoveries, I ended up with a long list of niches that I could get into.

Now, I am going to share the methods that helped me discover so many new niches.

1. Examine Your Problems

Sit down with a pen and paper and think about the problems that you are facing in life. They can be strange to simple to complex – anything really.  Now, write those problems down. After you are done with the list, go through each problem and ask yourself if you would be willing to spend money for the solution. If you answer yes, put a checkmark next to the item. Now, look at the items with a checkmark next to them and do some niche research.

2. Examine Your Hobbies

Again, grab a pen and paper and think about your hobbies. Which hobbies do you enjoy doing? Are you willing to spend money to enjoy this hobby? If you would spend money on this hobby, add it to your list.

3. Ask Friends and Family

When you have some time to talk to some of your friends and family, ask them what they think you are very good at. It would be a good idea to have a pen and paper nearby so that you can take notes. You could also use your smartphone to take notes if you don’t have pen and paper handy.

Next, you can ask them about their current goals. What do they want to achieve? Do they have any problems that they need solved? A casual conversation with friends and family can bring forth plenty of niche ideas if you really pay attention.

4. Flip Through The Yellow Pages

Find your phone book and start flipping through the Yellow Pages. You will discover all types of businesses and services grouped by different categories. The way things are grouped in the Yellow Pages makes it easy to find sub-niches (niches within a main niche).  I have found this to be extremely helpful for setting up an offline local business.

5. Thesaurus.com

Synonyms and antonyms aren’t the only things that you can find at Thesaurus.com. You can also find plenty of niches. Go to Thesaurus.com and type in a broad phrase. It could be anything like dog training, baking, diamond ring, etc. You might want to start with a phrase that you have some interest in though.

Once you have completed your search, look for the “related topics” section. It should be on the right or left side of the page. You will see a list of phrases or topics related to your search. Those topics are what you could call sub-niches since they have something to do with the main topic or niche that you typed into the search bar.

When I did this for the phrase “weight loss”, I discovered several sub-niches within the weight loss niche like “teen weight loss tips”, “printable weight loss charts”, and “best anti-depressant for weight loss”. What’s great about this method is that you can go even further with your research. Once you see the first list of related topics, you can click on a topic within that list to get a new set of related topics.

6. Yahoo Answers

Go to Yahoo Answers and check out some of the main categories. Now, take a look at the categories within the main category. Once you have found a category that interests you, take a look at the questions that people are asking.

Can you answer any questions without doing any research? Which questions are getting asked over and over again? Are there paid solutions for the problems people are having?

If you spend some time evaluating the types of questions being asked at Yahoo Answers, you could end up finding a great niche to get into.

7. 43Things

43Things is a website that allows users to list goals that they want to achieve. If you visit the main homepage and look at some of the things that people want to do, you will start to see tons of niches that you could possibly get into. Take a minute to check out the website and see what types of goals people really want to achieve.

8. Amazon Best Sellers

Short on niche ideas? There are tons of niche ideas waiting to be discovered at Amazon. Go navigate through any category on Amazon and check out the bestsellers. You will discover the top products people are buying in each category. Browse through the best-selling books and magazines to find more informational type niches.

9. Flippa

Flippa is a website that lets people buy and sell websites. It’s also a very good place to find niches that you can tap into. All you need to do is take a look at the websites that actually sold on Flippa. Use the search function to list recently sold websites that generated revenue.  Then browse through the results. What you will be looking at is a list of profitable niches that you can get into.  Do not get discouraged by thinking your niche type site is “already overcrowded”.  The beautiful thing about good niches – there is always room for one more.

10. Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are packed with niche ideas. All that you need to do is spend some time hunting for them. Visit the non-fiction section of your local library and just take a look around. Go over to the magazine section and browse through some of the magazines that you interest you.

You may not even have to leave your home. Your local library may have a website that you can visit to find niche ideas. When I went to the website of my local library, I was able to search for topics and sort them by subject, type of material, and even popularity. I was also presented with related searches.

So, the next time you are running low on niche ideas, try the library.

That’s it folks. Now, you know of 10 different ways to come up with niche ideas. The main thing here is that no one should ever run out of ideas to focus their niche blog or website or product on.  If you are struggling to come up with new niche ideas, try one of my tricks above.

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